We understand when shopping for cannabis products it can be overwhelming with all the different choices. In this products review section, we give our guests and employees the opportunity to give us honest reviews about the products we carry. Here are a few responses we’ve received:


Name: Keiran Large 

Product Name: “ Strawberry Banana” by West Coast Cure

Cannabinoid Content: 80.7% THC, 0.06% CBD 

What’s your go-to product at the moment, Keiran? 

I recently just purchased Strawberry Banana Live Resin Sauce by West Coast Cure, testing at 80.7% THC. This amazing batch was manufactured on 6/19/2020 as it has a really light color with a very sweet smell to it. Strawberry banana is a cross between banana kush and a phenotype of bubble gum. This strain is really known for its high THC content and its high yield resin production. 

Nice, very interesting cross of strains from what I see. What kind of high do you experience from this particular product? 

This particular Strawberry Banana  Live Resin Sauce by West Coast Cure is said to be an indica dominant hybrid yet the high says otherwise. Right when you take a dab of this high quality sauce, the high gives you an instant head rush which will put you in a sudden daze. Very euphoric experience and should only be on your nail if you plan on doing nothing for the rest of the day. 

Wow, sounds very potent. How does this specific strain taste and what is the fragrance like?

The taste and smell that I get from this wax is very fruity as the name speaks for itself. It also reminds me of strawberry lemonade as this live resin gives me summer quarantine vibes! Really tasty touch to it as the smell will have you craving more of it on your off days from work. 

Would you likely purchase this product again?

I would definitely purchase this product again as it never disappoints with every hit I take out of my nail!




Name: Camille L.

Product Name: “Pineapple OG” by Wonderbrett

Cannabinoid Content: 28.8% THC


Hello Camille! What’s your current go-to flower? 

My current go-to flower is “Pineapple Og” by Wonderbrett. This strain is a very heavy sativa dominant and has a really nice citrus touch to it and the smell is very pungent! It is a cross between pineapple express and og kush and these amazing nugs are definitely eye catching. Testing at 28% THC. This strain is definitely a top shelf in its own category. 

What is your experience from this notorious strain? 

This experience is very euphoric as it creates a well balanced body and mind high. The smell and taste of this strain is very fruity and tropical as it packs an amazing punch to it. This strain is very uplifting and mood enhancing. I recommend using this strain on a beach day! 

This amazing flower sounds powerful, would you recommend this product to someone else?

I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone looking to manage their pain as well as providing individuals with tension relief. This strain contains terpenes, myrcene, and linalool which are great to help manage stress and may even help relieve anxiety. 

Would you likely purchase this strain again if you had the choice to?

Most definitely will! This particular strain is special and provides great relief  whether it’s mental, physical, or even spiritual! 




Name: Josselin Hernandez

Product Name: “HuckleBerry Hybrid Enhanced Gummies” by Wyld

Cannabinoid Content: 100mg THC


Whats up Josselin, What kind of edibles should I try this weekend? 

I highly recommend trying out the “Huckleberry Gummies” by Wyld. Each serving contains 10mg of THC and is coated in sweet sugar. Very tasty edible and is really amazing for anyone looking to find relaxation throughout their day. 

The name is very intriguing and definitely seems like it’s already tasty, how was the overall quality of this product? 

The overall quality of these gummies was tremendous! These gummies are mouthwatering with the wonderful huckleberry jam taste that is pretty explosive. Right when you open the small container, your nose is hit with an amazing scent of berries that will leave you craving more. 

Sounds like these gummies are great, how was your experience from this particular edible? 

These hybrid enhanced gummies create a very sedative high if it’s not adequately dosed right. Recommended serving size would be half of one gummies which would be about 2.5mg of THC for anyone who is not experienced with edibles. These edibles definitely pack a strong punch and should be used responsibly. The high activated at thirty minutes after consumption as effects were very relaxing  

Would you recommend this product to anyone? 

I definitely recommend this specific brand as these edibles are great for depression relief as well as anxiety relief. I highly recommend dosing properly with edibles to have a safe experience. 




Name: Deshawn J.

Product Name: “ Esko” by Malibu 

Cannabinoid Content: 28% THC


 I’m looking for something heavy and potent. What would you recommend to me? 

I Highly recommend trying “Esko” by Malibu flower, this strain is very heavy and has a deep pungent smell to it. This strain is the definition of top shelf and is definitely out of this world with its amazing effects it has on the human body.

 Definitely smells amazing, looks like it is a great smoke. How was your overall experience with this amazing bud? 

The high from this particular strain is very heavy on the body and will leave your mind at peace. I definitely recommend this strain to anyone who just got off work looking to just relax their mind. This strain is very tasty as each puff is very smooth on the chest. This strain will definitely fill any room with its amazing aroma. This strain is covered all over with fresh trichomes and is definitely an eye catching bud. This strain should definitely be rolled in joint paper or smoked with a water bong to catch its amazing taste that it leaves behind.

Would you likely recommend this strain to any of your friends?

I highly recommend this strain to anyone who is looking to experience amazing flowers. This lovely flower is incredible as Malibu cultivated this strain into perfection. Esko never disappointed and always seems to deliver due to its strong genetics. 


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