Pride Month at Empire Dispensaries was incredible.  All 3 locations, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino and Jurupa Valley, contributed to the month by creating fun and unique themes that helped create awareness and provide knowledge to those who have not heard about PRIDE month.  There were colors and balloons everywhere with daily specials and deals for everyone to enjoy.  The entire Empire family contributed and gave back to the community and raised awareness for PRIDE Month.


Empire was in full swing as PRIDE month came and Empire is in full support of the LGBTQ+ community.  The labeling of June as PRIDE month first began in 1999 when President Bill Clinton declared June “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month”.  However, the roots of PRIDE month can be traced back to June of 1969 and the Stonewall riots.  The Stonewall riots were a series of spontaneous events by the gay commhnity in response to a police raid at the Stonewall Inn.  Stonewall Inn was a gay friendly bar located in a gay friendly neghborhood of Manhattan, New York.  During these times there were a variety of stores and venues that did not allow the gay community inside.  The police raid in New York was targeted towards the gay community and was unwarranted.   Marsha P. Johnson, a black trans woman , was a known activist in the Stonewall neighborhood and one of the key leaders in the Stonewall uprising.  Marsha P. was an African-American gay man and drag artist who resisted arrest and then led a series of protests and and riots demanding rights.  This led to many PRIDE events happening in June.  This raid launched a series of protests and events to support the community and it has only grown since.  PRIDE Month has further been propelled by President Barack Obama who declared it each year he was in office.  It has most recently been declared LGBTQ+ PRIDE Month by President Joe Biden.  Empire worked closely with cannabis brands to help bring unique products for PRIDE month.  Malibu Cannabis Flower brought out a brand new flavor called LOVE and Punch Edibles came by with a Rainbow Strawberry Shortcake.  The entire cannabis community came together for this amazing month of awareness.


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Empire Dispensaries continue to support and bring awareness to equality and injustices.  A key pillar to Empire’s values is their heavy involvement with the city and locals in supporting movements such as these.  Coming from the traditional cannabis industry, Empire understands the trials and tribulations people go through to fight for what they believe in.  And Empire will continue to stand by and help fight for equality.


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