Empire Dispensary Flagship Retail Store in Moreno Valley  


Empire cannabis dispensaries are raising the bar by creating a higher standard that is found throughout all of their stores.  Empire has opened their flagship store in Moreno Valley and is  also their headquarters.  Empire Moreno Valley is the largest cannabis dispensary in Southern California celebrating 26,000 square feet when completed. 


Empire dispensaries continue to expand operations and are increasing their footprint throughout the cannabis industry as well as the communities.  The level of customer service and attention to detail is led by COO and Co-Founder Chris Henry.  Chris Henry spearheads the culture behind Empire and his passion for cannabis can be felt throughout the business.  Empire Moreno Valley holds a special place in Empire’s heart as this is the flagship store, headquarters for business as well as Chris Henry’s hometown.   


“As a resident of Moreno Valley who has spent a lifetime in the Inland Empire, this unveiling is a milestone for me personally, and a major statement for the founding leadership of Empire,” said Chris Henry. “This store is an unrivaled environment showcasing what the future of cannabis retail and consumer choice should look like. Our professional commitment to education, best practices and artisan quality has found a home, and Moreno Valley is now our gold standard for regulated cannabis access.” 


Empire is consistently providing the best customer experience when it comes to cannabis.  Empire makes sure to hire locals that are educated and knowledgeable in customer service and cannabis.  Every person who walks into Empire is able to ask any staff a question as all staff is well informed and can provide the customer with an answer.  Empire works with each city they are in and provides support to local businesses and charities.  A major way Empire focuses on helping the local communities is by hiring locals.  By providing jobs to the community when hiring, Empire also helps stimulate the local economy.  Empire utilizes locals to help strengthen the community and the business.  And Empire does not stop there.  Empire partners with charities and nonprofits to bring food drives, toy drives, and more to the less fortunate.  


Empire carries the top brands in the space as well as a diverse selection of products to choose from.  Empire carries flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and inhalables.  Anything and everything that customers are looking for – Empire carries.  Empire also provides various levels of cannabis products.  If a customer is looking for more potency or for more of a well-balanced product, Empire has it all.  


Moreno Valley has a population of around 205,000 people with various age groups and demographics.  Moreno Valley is the center of the Inland Empire and will continue to prosper and grow.  Business and residents have embraced the cannabis industry and will be able to reap the benefits of being at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry.   


Empire dispensary in Moreno Valley is the pinnacle of what the cannabis industry is building towards and is the beacon of light that people have been looking for.  


For more information on Empire please visit ShopEmpire.com 

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