Malibu Cannabis Flower has now extended its product line by introducing Malibu Vapes. Malibu Vapes is highly executed and developed by the same minds that bring you Malibu Flower. Extracted from using ONLY Malibu Cannabis Flower, Malibu Vapes brings you an unrivaled way to experience the real essence of California flowers. In the land of many high quality strains, Malibu has sourced genetics that will lead you to paradise.


Malibu Vapes first drop brought 5 flavors to the community and the reception was incredible. Malibu Vape’s limited drop was found exclusively at Empire Dispensaries in the cities of Moreno Valley, Jurupa Valley, and San Bernardino. The community came out in full support and was so huge that Malibu Vapes was sold out by the end of the weekend! The 5 flavors are Pina Colada, Tangieland, Lychee, Goji Berry, and Mint Chocolate. Pina Colada has a sweet taste with a smooth finish that leaves the mouth watering for more. Tangieland has the punch of Cookieland with the aroma of Tangie. This combination brings a powerful high with an orange flavor that creates a beautiful effect. Lychee is a combination of tropical flavors which is perfect for where Malibu wants to take you. Feel like you are at the beach when puffing on the sweet and aromatic vape that is Lychee. Goji Berry brings both sweet and sour flavors into the mix to create a unique flavor of fruit and gas. Get the best of both worlds with Goji Berry. Mint Chocolate tastes exactly how it sounds. Mint. Chocolate. Replace your nightly pillow mint with the new Mint Chocolate Malibu vape for a better night cap.


Malibu set out the bar high with their new vape line and the community gave their positive feedback. The one and only Angela Mazzanti was at the launch and could not stop enjoying each flavor. The list of social media influencers included Maggie13Moodie, ColbiCat, Malibu.Mermaid, DabbinJamesFranco, KushtinaOG, DreadMyLife, and more! Everyone hopped on board The Bus in order to give them all a taste.


The community enjoyed Malibu Vapes so much that it was sold out a lot quicker than anticipated. However if you missed out on the first wave do not be worried. Malibu is bringing their Vape back to all Empire stores and will soon be found throughout California. Malibu continues to bring premium quality cannabis in flower form and with the vape line provides you a new way to taste Malibu.

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