710 is a holiday in the cannabis community and the focus is on the concentrate side while the more widely known 420 is for all, but leans towards flowers.  710 obtained its use in the cannabis industry due to the way the numbers, when turned upside down, spell “oil” which is a term widely used to describe cannabis concentrates.  Empire is proud to be a part and help bring awareness to this special day.


710 is being used more commonly as the legal side has led to the increase in demand for edibles and vapes.  Concentrates can have a variety of applications and dabbing has been the concentrate connoisseur’s main choice.   But when and where did 710 get its name from? The origins are slightly vague but according to a few sources, the use was created by Taskrok in a group sitting discussing how there should be a time to take dabs as 420 was used for flower.  Taskrok then created a rap album titled “The Movement” that highlighted the growing concentrate/dabbing community.  Taskrok is also the owner of Highly Educated which creates “nails” for concentrate rigs.  A “nail” to a concentrate rig is exactly what a “bowl” for a bong is for cannabis flower.   Taskrok and Highly Educated is the industry leading and pioneer of the “nail” which also validates his standing in the industry and provides more credibility to the signs pointing of Taskrok creating what is now known as 710.


To celebrate 710 even more, Empire brought Madzilla to the San Bernardino location for a meet & greet!  Madzilla was born and raised in Oregon before she began her travels.  She visited and stayed in a lot of different states which helped her soak in different cultures and experiences.  She ended up in Los Angeles where she focused on her creative spirit.  She crafted her modeling skills and has honed her creative outlet to establish herself as a polarizing figure in the cannabis industry.  She has helped brand companies and create marketing opportunities that support the community and everyone involved.   She has most recently released her rap album and is continuing to release her creative spirit.


Empire Dispensary is known for bringing the community together and also brought out THE BUS for this special occasion.  Madzilla hopped on board THE BUS and enjoyed her 710 with some Malibu Cannabis Flower vape.  Everyone that came on board had a great time and Madzilla’s fans and friends came out to support.  Madzilla and 710 was a great time for everyone involved.


Empire looks forward to celebrating 710 for many years to come and as the cannabis community grows, so shall this special day.


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