On Saturday October 17, Empire Connect partnered with Unidos Por La Musica to host a food drive focused on providing for lower income families.  Held at Empire Connect in the city of San Bernardino, the day was filled with positivity as the Empire family united to help a great cause.

Unidos Por La Musica is a not-for-profit San Bernardino based organization that is set to help promote self-sufficiency and upward mobility to low-income community residents through education and the power of music.   They believe in creating community learning centers that provide children, youth and adults the tools needed to succeed in life and be a positive role model in the community.  There are 4 main causes Unidos Por La Musica helps in.  They provide after school music programs, life education workshops, health enrollment services, and a food drive program (Bags Of Hope).  


Empire Connect partnered with Bags Of Hope and helped in providing food for their local community.  Camille is one of the staff at Empire Connect and had a great experience.


“We’re all from Empire, Inland Empire,” said Camille. “We currently have locations in Riverside and San Bernardino. We like to give back to the community that we personally grew up in as well.  We like to see everyone thrive and prosper.”


The food drive was held from 11am-1pm and impact was felt.  There were lots of cars that drove through that were able to stock up on eggs, potatoes, canned food and even tooth brushes.  Empire Connect and Unidos Por La Musica provided a wide range of family daily essentials.  


‘Unidos Por La Musica the experience was really good.  I appreciate the opportunity,” said another Empire Connect staff member Janet.   “I saw that we were giving out a lot of food for those low income families.  We had several cars pull up.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with them.”


Being a local business and participating in local events that support the community is important to the Empire family.  Giving back to the community is one major step building a better neighborhood and creating a sense of unity.  Empire stores are thankful to be able to support and be a part of the Inland Empire.  


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